Concrete Preparation: The Key to Long-Lasting Epoxy Coating

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Proper concrete preparation is essential for a successful garage floor coating, especially in a place like Phoenix where the extreme heat can affect concrete surfaces. Whether you're a professional contractor or a homeowner looking to upgrade your garage floor, understanding the importance of concrete surface profile (CSP) is crucial. This step ensures that the epoxy coating adheres correctly, providing a ... Read More

Why Proper Moisture Assessment Is Vital for Garage Floors

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In the scorching heat of Phoenix, the last thing homeowners might think about is moisture in their garage floors. However, even in arid climates, moisture can pose serious challenges when it comes to coating concrete surfaces. Proper concrete preparation is crucial, particularly when installing high-quality floor coatings. Many one-day polyurea contractors and DIY enthusiasts often overlook a critical step. Assessing ... Read More