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At GarageFloorCoating.com (Phoenix), we’re your premier source for high-end epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic concrete floor coating solutions. In contrast to substandard “1-day polyurea” systems, our expertise lies in delivering superior quality concrete coating systems that are commercial-grade. To understand why our coating systems are more robust and reliable, read our insightful article titled “Unveiling the Reality of “Single-Day” Concrete Coatings”.

Our commitment is to provide our clients with only the highest quality, industrial-grade coatings, meticulously applied by trained installers. We make no concessions when it comes to excellence. Our lifelong guarantee genuinely delivers on this promise – with no hidden warranty exclusions for “moisture-related issues” or staining due to hot-tire transfer (plasticizer migration). Our protective concrete finishes are remarkably resilient…they’re not just for residential installations…we use the same products and techniques to install our coatings in commercial and retail spaces!

Our multitude of epoxy-polyurea-polyaspartic concrete coating solutions – from solid Classic to partial-flake, full-flake and metallic coatings – have been specifically designed to withstand all demanding conditions. Combining superior strength and thickness with resistance to impacts, abrasion, chemical staining…and most importantly, to moisture, our systems are unrivaled.

Our concrete evaluation and coating installation process goes like this:

Step 1 – In-Person Assessment of Your Space: We start with an in-person appraisal at your site as our preliminary step, be it residential, commercial or retail. We’re confident that our on-site evaluations yield a higher degree of accuracy than those carried out over the phone. During this evaluation phase, we’ll take meticulous measurements of the square footage and concrete moisture of your space to be coated. Meanwhile, you can familiarize yourself with our coating system sample boards, available in varying shades and designs. Together, we’ll choose the most suitable coating system tailored to your space.

Step 2 – Preparation of Concrete: On the scheduled installation date, we begin by preparing your concrete. Our crew employs high-end propane diamond grinders and hand grinders (with dust-mitigating attachments), and our proprietary concrete patch systems, to produce a perfect profile before beginning to apply the first coating.

Step 3 – Applying the Thick Primer Coat (Day 1): We never underestimate the importance of the initial primer coat – your coating system is only as strong as its first coat. Skimp here and your system will be susceptible to delamination (peeling) over time. That’s why we’ll apply a doubly-thick, moisture-mitigating epoxy primer – never a thin polyurea coat like the “1-day” guys. Our moisture-mitigating epoxy is 100%-solids and is applied at twice the thickness of typical applications…effectively serving both as a primer and color coat in one.

Step 4 – Flake Dispersal (Day 1): Following application of the epoxy primer, and while it’s still wet, we’ll disperse your chosen flake blend (…if you’ve selected a partial or full-flake coating system). The thick epoxy primer coat ensures the flakes are properly embedded…no chips will “stick up” and catch on your socks.

Step 5 – Application of the Clear Polyaspartic Topcoats (Day 2): We’ll return the next day to reclaim unadhered chips, sand down the flakes and vacuum. We then ensure ultimate safeguarding of your coating system against stains, abrasion, impacts and UV light, by applying 2 separate coverings of our clear, 100%-solids polyaspartic topcoat. In the second coat, we incorporate anti-slip granules to reduce the risk of falls or slips. Our commercial-grade polyaspartic also withstands staining from hot tire transfer (called plasticizer migration) and most automotive fluids…no need for us to include odd warranty exclusions like the need for “vehicle pads”! We’ve literally got you covered.

Step 6: Delight in Your New Coating System: We pledge to deliver unparalleled service with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. From the initial design phase right through to the final day of installation, we promise a seamless experience. All that’s left for you is to sit back and appreciate your new concrete flooring (and beware of jealous neighbors).

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